Thursday, 17 November 2011


I'm getting a bit confused lately.  I'm getting confused by the weather.  One day the air tells me that it's Summer, hot and humid, which I'm never ready for, or hot and dry which I can deal with.  In fact I kind of enjoy the dry heat as it doesn't drain the life out of me like humidity does. 

The next day, however, is sweet and light, the clouds are high and wispy, there's a gentle breeze with the scent of Spring flowers wafting by.  The sun is welcoming and warming without scalding my fair skin.  These kind of days I just love and it feels good to be alive.  The temperature is just perfect.

Today is another story.  Cool, rainy and very much cosy, soup weather.  The rain decorates every spider web with minuscule droplets.  I am baffled as I look for those orange and red Autumn leaves which I deceptively believe should be falling.  Instead I find purple flowers tumbling with the rain from the jacaranda trees, leaving a wet purple carpet.

I am wearing jeans and a cardigan, will someone please tell me what season we are in.  It feels like Autumn.  This made me feel like getting out and exploring nature with my camera.  Just as I was about to leave I heard a funny buzzing/beeping type sound outside, which was accompanied by a thump thump on metal.  At first I thought it was strange heavy bird thumping on the roof.  Yes, my imagination does go a little crazy at times, until I looked out the window.  It was the meter man reading the electricity meters, but for some reason he kept thumping and buzzing/beeping.  So I went out to investigate.

The meter man had a new safety tool which detected electricity currents when ever he put it on our meter box (it's a metal meter box), it looked like a really large thermometer with lights.  Apparently we had a current running through our box and that we weren't to touch it until an electrician came to fix it.  I am wondering if we had have touched it would we have been shocked!!  

The electrician came from the electric company and figured that our meter box hadn't been earthed properly.  How very strange.  It seems that ours is the first meter box that this has occurred to.  At least it's good to know that the meter readers are protected somewhat by this new safety device.  They are to call the electric company immediately and stay put until someone comes if this occurs.  It was a new experience for us all.

All was fixed and I was on my merry way in the drizzling rain.  It's not so easy to take photo's while trying to carry an umbrella, mainly protection for the camera.  My goodness!! I found so many purple coloured flowers everywhere.  Jacarandas, Agapanthus, Scotch thistles, Purple Morning Glory and a few others.  I never realised there could be so many purples flowering at once.

Aaah what a lovely day, who knows what tomorrow will bring. . . Winter perhaps.

o O o

Laptop update:  Well the laptop started after 3 days of drying out with the dehumidifier on.  Unfortunately the power cord doesn't charge any more as an after effect of the water spill, so it's only running on battery.  We have managed to get all of my photo's and files onto an external drive, which is a blessing.  Donald has taken it into the 'puter hospital today in the hope that it can be remedied.  I miss my familiar little laptop.

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Carli said...

I know! The rain washing the jacaranda blooms away :( I want them to stay longer. Nice walking Lisha