Saturday, 5 November 2011

Funny loaves and fresh strawberry jam

Some mornings we get to wake up to the smell of fresh bread baking in our breadmaker.  The loaves come out an awkward shape and I still have trouble cutting a perfect slice. 

My goodness soft, fresh bread for breakfast tastes so good though, no matter what shape it comes in.  It's even more delectable with my new favourite jam, my own home made strawberry jam slathered over a slice (recipe to come soon).  Breakfasts are so yummy we almost finish a whole jar of jam per loaf.

Does anybody have any hints on how you cut your fresh loaves, I need improving on mine!!

. . .


Caroline said...

I cut mine with an electric knife so the knife does the work & your not pushing on the loaf as you do with a regular knife.

If you can POSSIBLY resist don't cut it until it cools a bit. Hot bread is the yummiest but also the hardest to cut nicely.
Have a great w/e Lisha & family

Lisha said...

Thanks Caroline. I have had in the back of my mind about getting an electric knife, but wasn't sure how well it would cut the bread.

Sometimes I just can't wait until it's cooled down to eat :+)

Suzi said...

I just use a wedge ended serrated knife. works well. Point the end towards the chopping board as you cut and you'll end up with a straight slice.

This is just what I was doing this morning to make for our new honey delivery and tasting :o) Yuuum!

I use the bread maker and then once risen stick it into a buttered, floured bread tin to rise again and bake in the oven because I can't stand that hook hole!