Saturday, 12 November 2011

The good...the good...and the not so good

It has been one of those weeks, fortunately the good is outweighing the not so good at the moment.

The Good:

* a clean dining table with my favourite roses that smell so divine and light up my heart
* a vacuumed lounge that smells like geraniums and fresh roses

* the house is quiet with only two boys and two girls
* the older two boys are off searching for motorbike parts
* Donald is securing some more permanent work for the next 7 months
* my sister is now living and working in Sydney only half an hour away
* wonderful news for Ethan being voted student of the month at his school for the month of October
* Toby won a place in the Grand Final of the Kindergarten oratory competition and spoke so beautifully

* skyping with McKenzie and her beau
* a visit from Trouble the cat from next door

The Not So Good:

* spending over 2 hours last Friday driving home snail pace from the city while the Harbour Bridge was closed due to an accident
* having a migraine for 3 days
* Sam and I splashing the laptop with a cup of water (accidentally of course) and the screen flickered then died with a very sad beep
* getting the time wrong time on Sam's indoor soccer game and missing the game altogether. . . and I'm the coach :+/
* Amelia going ballistic because Trouble the cat visited (hence Trouble doesn't visit us often anymore)

~ ~ ~


Caroline said...

Wow! what can I say "always look on the bright side of life" Have your migraines improved at all since your op??
I'm flying into Sydney in the morning Work! but I am staying a few days as I'm taking a friend that's never been so I'm doing the touristy thing after with her.Great fun I have to get from the airport to Equitana @ Olympic Park with all my stuff.

Tania @ Out Back said...

I think the good things outweigh the bad, other than your headache of course, hope it is coming better for you now.

Sounds like Amelia has that cat all sorted...