Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Gone a Haunting

We found death in our pet cemetery

Dr Who trying to save the world, and maybe find his tardis. . .

. . and Tobyone Kanobi was there too to fight off any unwanted spooks!

The boys met up with our little witchy neighbour who was so excited to trick or treat with them.  We spent the late afternoon trick or treating from door to door, miss a few doors and knock on another and catch up with the neighbours.  A fun afternoon.

There was no trunk or treat this year, but I think we were just happy to trick or treat around our street.


Tania @ Out Back said...

WOW great costumes!

My grandson participated in Halloween this year, but I'm afraid I dont know much about it, looks like a lot of fun though!

Caroline said...

WOw! How smashing!!
(pumpkins that is)

Sorry Lisha I crack myself up sometimes.
Caroline xo