Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A break in the day

Today was to be a calm quiet day for me.  Get the boys off to school, go for a long walk with Amelia and then off to my yoga class.  The last few weeks have been rather busy and since soccer started there doesn't seem to be much time for relaxing on the weekends.  However I do have my Tuesdays to look forward to.  I even stopped at the bakery on the way home for some bread and a chicken pie.  Mmm they make the best chicken pies.  So it was a pie on the front porch after yoga, this was going to be my photo for the day.

This afternoon I got a phone call at 2.45pm and it was Sam.  It was very strange to get a phone call from him.  It was his early finishing day from school and he was riding home on his bike.  So he called me up to tell me he had an accident just up the road from school.  I was assuming he'd grazed his knee and was bleeding a bit and the fact that he called meant that he was still alive and conscious, thank goodness!!  So I grabbed some face washers and an ice pack and whizzed down to find him, thinking whether he'd had an accident with a car or just fell off the bike, my mind was racing, but I was very calm.

When I arrived Sam was on the footpath and a girl from his class, who had stopped to help him and loaned him her phone, was with him.  I loaded him into the car and then had a look at him.  A bloody lip, a sore knee, a strangely swollen arm and he was very quiet and in pain, which said to me that I had better get him to a hospital.  I drove past Ethan and Toby's school and grabbed one of our neighbours to bring Toby and Ethan up to the car from school.  Meanwhile I drove home with Sam, ran inside, phoned Donald and found an old sarong to make a sling with an ice pack, gave Amelia a bone, and we headed back down to the school for Ethan and Toby then it was off to the local hospital.

My suspicions were confirmed with an xray, the distal radius on his left arm was broken.  My poor boy.  Donald had arrived at the hospital by the time we came out from xray and Ethan and Toby were reading and eating snacks that I had foraged from home.  So after a few hours at the emergency room, after xrays and seeing the doctor, they put a temporary half cast on his arm as we needed to see the Orthopaedic doctor at Royal North Shore hospital.

So we are home tonight but first thing tomorrow we are off to North Shore as Sam may need to have his break repositioned and then set properly.  It may involve surgery and general anaesthetic so it may be a long day.  Any thoughts or prayers for Sam are most welcome.

This is my new photo of the day.


Caroline said...

Oh dear, my thoughts go out to you Sam. Hope you get a positive outcome today -no surgery! It looks like Amelia is being a very good nurse in that photo.

Kim said...

Mum and I were out at the Laidley yesterday and Joan told us about Sam so I thought I'd check to see if you had blogged. Poor Sam - he looks like he handled it all pretty well - and having the presence of mind to call you is pretty impressive. Glad the surgery went as well as it could - does no pins mean less healing time?

Love to all of you - I guess there will be plenty of long days and nights for the next couple of weeks.