Thursday, 10 May 2012

Post Op

We've been watching M*A*S*H a lot lately of an evening.  So we've been telling Sam what it was like when you go in for an operation.  Bombs going off everywhere, Dr's jumping up on the patient and thumping their chests to get their hearts to start pumping again, Dr's cracking jokes left, right and centre.  Donald was explaining to Sam that two big, burly men were going to come in and grab hold of his arm.  One was going to pull in one direction and the other was going to pull in the opposite direction on the count of 3 . . . . but . . . they would count to 2 and then pull, to take you unawares.

Well none of the above happened.  It was pretty quiet and boring waiting.  We arrived at Royal North Shore hospital at 6.30am to meet with the Orthopaedic consult.  By 8am we were walking up to the children's ward and Sam was given a bed.  He got to lay down and watch movies for a while until it was time to be wheeled down to theatre.

This time Donald got kitted up in the fancy pants, shoes and hat to accompany Sam into the operating theatre to get his bone straightened out.  I was with Sam the first time he had surgery on his thumb so it was only fair that Donald had a turn.

Fortunately Sam was only out for about an hour as they were able to manipulate the bone back into place and he didn't need to have surgery and place the bone with pins or a plate.  Here he is in recovery, he was rather chatty and full of all sorts of information.

The Royal North Shore hospital have a school program for children who are in hospital.  Even if you are in for a short stay teachers come around and offer activities or movies to watch to get their mind off their troubles.  Sam chose to watch a Dr Who dvd.

I sat and crocheted a new bag for my mum.

Donald snoozed while we waited for Sam to recover and have his obs taken.

They released Sam around 3.30pm and we have to go back to the fracture clinic next Thursday to make sure the bone is still set correctly.  Fingers crossed all heals well.

Sam will need to have his cast on for at least 6 weeks and seeing as he had such a rough night with itchiness under the cast, it looks like it might be a loooooong 6 weeks.

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Great Scott said...

Oh dear. I was in a car accident at 19 and wore a cast (or some other device) on my foot for months as I underwent 7 reconstructive surgeries and didn't walk for a year. It can be rough to be young and "laid up". As for the cast itchiness, it does get better - or you just get used to it. I wish there was a magic cure but...there's not. Your long knitting needles might be safe to do some itching with - since they are long and plastic and have somewhat blunted ends. As a former OT (semi - retired) make sure he is moving his hand as much as is comfortable. Nothing fancy - justing opening and closing his hand or touching his fingers together to prevent swelling and to prevent those hand muscles from weakening. And, trash bags are great to tie around the cast during showers to keep it from getting wet. And to make getting dressed easier, put the arm in first when putting a shirt on and take it out last when taking a shirt off. And, as he is doing in the last photo, keep it propped on a pillow for comfort when sleeping or sitting. Ok, enough of luck and hoping the next 6 weeks fly by!