Sunday, 6 May 2012

A photo a day: Week 18

April 29

Sunday after church nap

April 30

Sam's had lots of homework and assignments that have been ruling our lives the past few weeks.

May 1

A beautiful May sky with an assortment of clouds.  Ethan's homework this week has been to track the weather and name the types of clouds each day so we have been watching the sky.  Isn't it rather coincidental that for his birthday Ethan received a book on Australian weather from Gabby and Neil and a solar powered weather station from us?  It has been fun identifying clouds and seeing the temperature drop at night times.

May 2

I like finding interesting mail boxes in my travels, this one I pass every second week on my way to and from my cleaning job.

May 3

Our young Women's Presidency meeting, it was a bit of a meet and crochet as we planned activities for the Young Women of our church on a Wednesday night.  My church calling is the secretary of our Young Women's group.  I just had to capture the brightness of Tina's zig zag blanket that she is crocheting. 

May 4

May the 4th be with you!!  It's International Star Wars day.

May 5

Three soccer games today; Sam won 4:nil, Ethan won 3:nil and Toby won 4:nil, a rather good day for the Walkers I'd say.  The photo of Ethan above is a sample of his tackle style, sideways stance, foot holding ground and his body follows through so he becomes a brick wall and wins the tackle.  He tackled so hard he knocked the other boys boot off (maybe his shoe was loose anyway).

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