Monday, 28 May 2012

A photo a day: Week 21

May 20

I've been waiting a long time for season 2 of Downton Abbey to start and it finally did.  I just love Lady Mary's voice, she has such a beautiful deep, smooth voice, I love listening to her.

May 21

Some quiet time at the dog park, letting Amelia run out some of her endless energy.

May 22

A day at the zoo with Toby's class.  We were able to watch the keepers clean out the gorilla's enclosure and then see them come bounding out for their food and treats.  This silver back is such a big fellow, he seems to have quite an attitude towards the people viewing, mostly he was just showing us his bottom.  Mind you I think I would get a little tired of hundreds of people watching me everyday too!

May 23

The first of the State of Origin Rugby League matches was on.  Our house is a little divided between barracking for Queensland or for New South Wales.  So far Donald is the only one with a Queensland jersey, he's a die hard Queensland supporter.  I kind of lean towards New South Wales as I was born here and have lived here for the past 12 years, even though I grew up in Queensland.  I guess I like supporting the underdogs.  As for the boys, Donald is trying to convince them to support Queensland, but they seem to like New South Wales as that is where they have lived their whole lives.

May 24

Another visit to the fracture clinic.  This time we had to wait a bit longer for the head orthopaedic surgeon to view Sam's latest x-ray as they weren't sure whether they were going to have to try and move the bone into place again.  Fortunately for the moment they decided for Sam to keep his full cast on for the next two weeks.

May 25

Rain and Autumn leaves are such a lovely mix.

May 26

Sam and I went to watch his team play soccer on Saturday morning,  I think they were pleased to see him and all wanted to sign his cast but we didn't have a good thick marker pen on us, maybe next time.

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Caroline said...

Sorry Lisha, I'm with Donald on this one. Go the maroons!!