Monday, 21 May 2012

A photo a day: Week 19

Three main events occurred in this week, baking, hospital and mothering.  I think it pretty much sums up our week.  We did lots of baking, went to the hospital a few times and celebrated mothers day a few times.

May 6

Sam had been wanting to bake these cookies since the holidays but we ran out of time.  So he finally got to bake the butterscotch pecan cookies.  They were sticky but very good.

May 7

Baking an apple cinnamon cake for afternoon tea.

May 8

Feeling a little sore and sorry for himself after an afternoon at the hospital after breaking his arm riding his bike home from school.

May 9

A day in hospital to realign the bones in Sam's arm.  He spent a few hours recovering while watching Dr Who dvd's.  I'm really proud of Sam and how he has been so brave, funny and calm about the whole arm breaking, realigning ordeal.

May 10

Baking for the Mothers Day morning tea, cup cakes to be iced, apple cinnamon cup cakes and brownies.  Ethan's class were to provide the goodies for the morning tea.

May 11

Mothers day morning tea at the boys Primary school.  I still managed to have morning tea with all three of my boys.  Sam was still home recovering and was able to join us at school.  I'm really lucky that my boys will actually sit and hang out with me, most of the children eat with their mum's and then run off and play with their friends.  I love my boys.

May 12

Saturday, soccer day.  Ethan and the team mascot, Miss Amelia.

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