Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A photo a day: Week 24

Don't be alarmed if I've missed a day here and there, I ran out of hope that I could upload photo's onto the blog so I kind of forgot to take a photo every day.  But the weeks still continue and I'm positive I can catch up.

June 10

A Sunday afternoon ganache covered chocolate cake for dessert.

June 11

It's the Queens Birthday Holiday and in the Walker household that means that it's "Kids Day"!!  The breakfast menu was home made hash browns and croissants for the boys.

June 12

A banana tug of war between Ethan and Amelia.  Ethan won!

June 13

State of Origin game number 2.  The Blues Brothers!!  Toby made his own little banner for New South Wales.

June 14

Afternoon tea for the boys after school!

June 15

Kath and McKenzie popped over to share some of their love and a cupcake to brighten my day.

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