Friday, 13 July 2012

A photo a day: Week 26

It's 3am and I'm sitting at the computer.  Why am I up at 3am?   I have a cough that keeps me up at night at the moment and so instead of lying in bed disturbing Donald I am having some peace and quiet while the cough medicine and inhaler kick in and my cough settles down.  I can hear the possums on the roof, the wind rattling the doors and the refrigerator buzzing and of course my fingers tapping at the keyboard.  It is very peaceful and I can think, although I'm typing this without my glasses, they're in the bedroom and I can't be bothered to go and get them, so forgive me for any mistakes.  Now if only I could transfer my glasses from the photo below, the words wouldn't look so blurry :+)

June 24

Tobs trying on my reading glasses. . . . mini me!

June 25

Time to clean up my desk, things on the floor to recycle, things on the table to keep.  This is what happens when your internet doesn't work, you actually get some house work done!!

June 26

My yoga teacher Jessie and her little man.  This was her last day of teaching yoga for a while, she's moving on to further study on top of full time motherhood.   I am sure going to miss our yoga classes Jessie.

June 27

Ethan off to chilly Canberra for 3 days school camp, we thought about you every day, we missed you every day and wondered what you would have to eat on the trip, but knew you were in good hands and were having a very exciting time.

June 28

We discovered some new lollies whilst walking the aisles at the supermarket, flavoured milk bottles.  They come in caramel, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lime and banana.  I really love the yellow and green ones best.

June 29

Another winning letter box.  I like how this one fits into the fence so neatly.

June 29

Ethan returned home from Canberra a happy boy.  He visited so many places, from the War Memorial, to Parliament house, to Questacon and many other places in between, it was an action packed trip.  He brought back a souvenir plasma ball from Questacon. 

It always brings back many memories when my boys go on school camps.  I think about our week long Sydney, Canberra, Snowy Mountains trip in grade 7.  I grew up in Queensland, so going to the colder southern states was exciting in the winter, I saw frost and snow for the first time.  I still have memory flashes of my school trip to Canberra, to this day the smell and taste of grape flavoured lollies and bubble gum remind me of that trip back in 1981 as I had a grape flavoured lip balm that I used on the trip.  It's wonderful how the senses can bring back something so precious and dear to us such as memories just from the smell or taste of something.

June 30

Ethan played a soccer game at Ruddock Park in Westleigh.  It was hard to wake him up to get to the game.  He and a few others on his team were a little tired after their Canberra trip.  Just next to the soccer field is the graffiti wall.  It's always fun to see the graffiti wall to see what masterpiece has been sprayed onto it.  I think it's a fantastic idea to have a public, legal, graffiti wall.  There are only a few rules to the legal graffiti wall, the artworks are spray painted, dated and are allowed to remain on the wall for a week, nothing rude or offensive is allowed, empty spray cans in the bins provided and only paint the wall at the park, nothing else.  I'm not a fan of tagging or illegal graffiti on private property but I think the graffiti walls allow the spray painters to create a work of art. 

Well I think it's time for bed, my cough has settled down and I am very sleepy.  Good night. . . . or Good morning, which ever suits you.


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