Thursday, 12 July 2012

A photo a day: Week 25

June 17

Dog prints in the mud.

June 18

Bobba Fett was home from school today unwell.  He was tormenting Amelia a little bit.

June 19

While home sick from school Sam (aka Bobba Fett on occasions) had lots of time to catch up with homework and assignments, plus lots of Amelia time.

June 20

We wake up to lots of condensation on our windows through winter, I try and open windows throughout the day and our de-humidifier works throughout the day in one of the bedrooms.  If we don't do this the mold starts to grow.

June 21

My altar to the flower fairies has begun with the Camelia flowers dropping off the branches.

June 22

 Sunrise at 6.50am.

June 22

The clouds in the day were pretty awesome too!

June 23

Early morning call from the neighbours cat Trouble as we headed off to soccer.  I could hear the meow but couldn't see where it was coming from until I looked up on the roof.

June 23

I just threw in this extra one.  Donald and I went to our annual soccer dinner, only this time they were celebrating their 60 year anniversary.  They even had Mark Bosnich as the speaker of the evening, who has played soccer (goalkeeper) for Australia, Chelsea, Manchester United and Aston Villa.  He's had a fascinating, colourful past and career and was very open about discussing it.  So it was an extra special dinner.  This photo was taken by one of Donald's team mates, we are the soccer wives and mums who support our husbands and kids playing soccer.  These girls are a laugh.

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Selena said...

That has to be the cutest dog ever! I'm glad that your internet is back up and running. I'm loving the pictures. How's that cough??