Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Dancing and Pyjamas

Last night Sam and Ethan danced up a storm at their school dance concert.  They have been learning and practicing their dance routines at school for the whole year and finally the night of the dance concert came.  The boys were excited,  they got their costumes on and had their hair slicked back and a little eyeliner (which was required).  Some poor kids mum's were a little heavy handed with the black eyeliner and looked a little like ancient Egyptians.  Each class had an International country theme, Sam's was China and Ethan's was Mexico.  

While Donald juggled a restless Toby, I juggled the camera and video camera.  It was difficult to get any good photo's, bad lighting and lots of kids jiggling around on stage and both Sam and Ethan on the opposite side of the stage to where we were sitting, but I did make some fun pics with lots of movement in them. Sam's class was a sea of red in their Chinese costumes, the girls waved fans and the boys waved their swords menacingly.  Ethan's class were fun in  their Mexican sombraros, both boys and their classes danced beautifully.

Today was a funny morning.  Ethan kept telling me that they had to wear pyjama's to school for a pyjama movie day.    We didn't get a note home from school yesterday telling us about the pyjama movie day so I was a little worried about sending them to school in their evening attire.  Instead of walking to school I decided to do the drive by, just in case we had to come home for a quick change back into their uniform.  I should have trusted my children, even though I called our neighbours across the street and they were also going to school in their pj's, they were telling the truth.  Seeing as the dance concert was last night I think the teachers just wanted an easy day for them.  So they rocked up to school along with the other kids with pj's, slippers and pillows (to sit on for the movie).

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Mari said...

I am so bummed they never did any of this cool stuff "back in my day"! PJ days are the best, and that dance looked great!