Saturday, 7 March 2009

Canberra trip - day 3 continued

Before we left Canberra we decided to visit the Royal Australian Mint (RAM).  

I had visions of it being bigger like a factory with the workings of the mint and money making in view.  Alas no, so a little dissappointed there.  No viewing gallery, just the shop, a little video telling us to go and stamp your own $1 coin, which we did, it cost $3 to get $1.  We knew that was the case, at least the boys have a little keepsake.  

If you're planning on going to the RAM don't go until after Easter, I understand they are doing a revamp of the place with viewing gallery and tours etc.  at least check the web site for details.

On our way home I really wanted to drive through a town called Taralga, it is just north of Goulburn and that big ram.

The country is really lovely around there rolling hills, lots of stone houses and stone walls, sheep and cattle.  

Anyway the best way home (I thought) was to drive along the Wombeyan Caves road instead of driving home through the Blue Mountains.  Little did we know it was a windy single lane dirt road that hugged the southern end of the Blue Mountains and took us past the Wombeyan Caves, up and down the mountains all the way to Mittagong. FYI very slow going, honking your horn around every corner on the one lane dirt track it took us over an hour just to get to Mittagong.  Beautiful scenery along the way though, if you don't mind 50 foot drops from the edge of the road, a few cows along the way and a bit of wild life.

My bubble gum chewing children, notice the purple gum on their teeth.

So we arrived home with a dirty car, minus a few bits but it was good to get away.


Caroline said...

Well I hope the bits you left behind on the way home were not the kids. They aren't beside the road with the 50ft drop chewing gum still are they??LOL
I haven't been to the mint since about 1982 & it did have a viewing gallery then. Gosh that just made me sound old didn't it!!!

Debbie said...

Looks like a great trip...I have been lagging in the blogging world. My life got crazier with baseball :)