Saturday, 14 March 2009


The Millenium (Horrendous) Falcon, the fastest hunk of junk this side of the galaxy.  You may ask why we call her the Horrendous Falcon.  We bought her third hand in 2003, no not second hand, you see she's had a few previous owners since she was born in 1996.  I have this feeling that she will belong to us until her dying day.  We have been living with her previous owners mistakes and dodginess and keeping her alive so we can transport our family to all the places we need to go.

Replaced so far:

Batteries, various bits of engine wire, starter motor, flicker switch, various engine bits, interior roof lining, it all started caving in and leaving foamy bits all over the inside of the car, we call it car dandruff.

The radiator and every part attached to the radiator have been replaced at one time or other and we came back to square one again last month when we needed to replace the radiator cap again.  Every couple of years we replace the front two tyres, just done last week, a last minute job to make the registration requirements.
Also a last minute job the front left head light needed replacing, again a requirement for registering the car.  Don Solo has managed to scrape up the parts needed to replace all necessary bits so the Millenium (Horrendous) Falcon can fly again.

The front protective plastic panelling (a little alliteration there), that fell off on our Canberra trip that protects the under side of the engine from stones was taken care of by Don Solo yet again.

Rear plastic panelling flew off on the way to church one morning, couldn't find it again, and hasn't been replaced.

Side plastic panelling on doors, never replaced, just taped up and held in place (due to a dodgy paint and repair job from previous owners, they tried to silicone it up) not much else we can do there.

And don't forget our trip to Gunnedah when the steering column started smoking and it took two days to replace it because we had to get the part from Tamworth.  Oh the journeys we've had with our Horrendous Falcon.  We do look after her and she does get a bath a least once a year.  We're saving water you know.  

I do love my Horrendous Falcon, she's comfy to drive, she fits us all in, we can load up the back and drive halfway up the country to Queensland or down south to Canberra.  Yes a new Ford Territory would be nice but I don't think we'd have half as much fun on our travels if we didn't have bits flying off the car, or steam coming from the radiator, or smoke from the steering column.  She's another part of our Earth Walker family and we wouldn't be without her.


Kim said...

We are more of the - wash it every year whether it needs it or not-school of car washing. Some of our kids (actually mainly Max) still miss our old VW wagon - that broke down everytime I turned a corner.

Debbie said...

i am sure you have saved a bundle with don solo mechanic. what a blessing he can put her back together :)