Sunday, 29 March 2009


After our ride on the Zig Zag railway last Saturday we drove down to Lithgow for a play in the park and to clear the coal dust out of our lungs.  The boys collected acorns and played on the climbing equipment, Joan read a book, Donald filled the bike with fuel and I wandered around taking photos of the Autumn colours.

It was my turn to ride Black Betty back home to Sydney.  I always get a little anxious before I ride the bike, but once I'm on I really enjoy it.  Black Betty is a fun easy bike to ride and makes the best motorbike sound.  The trip home saw us stop for apples through Bilpin, an apple pie stop and a vomit stop for poor Toby, he didn't enjoy the winding roads much.  On the bike you get to enjoy the smells around you of the flowers, apples growing, freshly cut lawn and the lush green smells of the bush.....and of course smelly old truck fumes.

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