Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I bought some road side peaches the other day. I love road side stalls, I feel like part of a community, neighbours helping neighbours, suburbans helping out the local farmers and benefiting from cheap produce. This stall sold flowers and peaches, how lovely. This was a very security conscious road side stall. With security camera, a sign telling you you were being watched and a large padlocked box to put your money in the romance of a country road side stall started to fade a little. As I looked at the two boxes of peaches left on the shelf they seemed alright, I even lifted a few up to see what the peaches underneath were like. Everything was fine so I chose box number 1 and put my $5 into the security box. All the while trying to look honest and show those security camera's I wasn't a thief. When I put the box into the back seat of the car a swarm of fruit flies rose from the peaches and into my face. So I tried to blow them away and I checked the peaches again, they still seemed ok, I had half a mind to swap boxes, but what would the security camera think!! I kept my chosen box and drove home with the windows open in the hope that the fruit flies would flutter out the window. When I got home I transferred the peaches into a fruit bowl, anticipating the soft, sweet deliciousness that comes with the first bite of a lovely ripe peach. That's when I found the soft spots on just about all of the peaches, they were all strategically placed soft spot down in the box and had been slowly rotting. Hence the large cloud of fruit flies. I lost my desire to take a bite as I felt I had been diddled. By the next day there was only one or two edible pieces of fruit left as they just seemed to wilt drastically over night. Nothing more disappointing than spoiled fruit, I like my fruit to be just right.

The possums have been having a feast the last few days, they don't mind the soft mouldy spots they just eat around them and leave the bad bits. I don't think I'll be going back there again.

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