Friday, 13 November 2009

"No unforgivable curses in the house....please!"

There are spells flying through our house at the moment. The biggest battle of wands and wizards, morning, afternoon and evening. Sam and Ethan are back into reading the Harry Potter series, Ethan is up to The Goblet of Fire and Sam is just beginning The Half Blood Prince. They are enraptured again in J.K.Rowlings world of wizards again. They go through cycles of reading Deltora Quest, Star Wars, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Asterix and Obelix and Tin Tin. The cycle changes but Sam and Ethan will stay on the same path together, they have a lot in common. Then Toby will fall into the same pattern of play. It's wonderful and important to me that they play together. They are all on the same wave length, there are times of trouble when one gets a little too bossy, the tears come and they go their separate ways. Mostly they just 'get' each other. I love it, I love my boys, I love their world. It is a little crazy but fun.

Shooting spells across the room with flag sticks as their wands, they run around stunning each other, making the others eat slugs or bugs. Sam has written down a list of spells, he's researched through all of the books and is now using it as ammunition against his brothers. Toby has his own spells...."Nyaaaah what's up doc? Stupefy!!", all the while wearing bunny ears and aiming his wand.

Expecto Patronum is one of their emotionally charged's all in the delivery.

Sam and Ethan have only watched the first two movies up until recently as they get a little deep and dark. Sam is susceptible to night mares so we try and protect them from watching movies that would leave a fearful impact on them. Sometimes the books are scary and anxiety producing while reading them but the boys just love to eat them up, so do I. We made a deal with Ethan, if he reads the Prisoner of Azkaban then we'll think about letting him and Sam watch the movie. He did and we watched and they loved it....which is why the spells are flying around the house. No unforgivable curses in the house....please boys!!


Kim said...

It must the Walker gene coming through- 'cause that sounds just like what goes on here.

sirpa said...

Our boys were casting spells the other day too! We're reading the Harry Potters too, we've just started the Deathly Hollows. They were so funny with their imaginary wands. Adiel' favourite seemes to be "Sectumsempra" (after all, it's not an unforgivable curse, but still pretty bad). Another one that I heard them say a lot was "petrificulus totalus" (I'm not sure of the spelling, it's been a while since I read them in english). I have to say that I'd like to use that on them every now and then. "Accio" seems pretty handy too.

Anonymous said...

Are unforgivable curses acceptable outside?

What a great list of series to re-read. those are some of my favourite series also... have Sam and Ethan tried the Rangers Apprentice series? It goes great with Harry and Deltora.


Lisha said...

Jesse, unforgivable curses make a bit of a mess in the house, what with bodies crash landing and curses flying....outside is just fine!!

I've got Rangers Apprentice on my list of "books to get", I love reading what the boys might be interested in. I wasn't much of a reader when I was younger and am making up for it now.

The boys are still halfway through Deltora and swap and change with Harry. I'm also reading the Roald Dahl books to the boys. I just love his stories.

sirpa said...

Adiel has read two of the Roald Dahl books and for some reason I didn't read them myself before returning them to the library. But Adiel liked them. I have always, always loved books and loved reading them. I try to get my boys hooked too. I go to the library all the time and get lots and lots of books to read to them and for them to read themselves. Some of the books don't even get a second glance but I keep trying to get all kinds of books to see what the boys will be into. You see, I'm convinced that absolutely everybody loves reading once they find the right kind of books.

Lisha said...

You're so right Sirpa.