Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hand made

I was so blessed this year for my birthday many thoughtful friends and relatives made my day feel very special. I wanted to share with you the wonderful hand made presents I received from some beautiful friends who put much love and time into their gifts.

A few days before my birthday I met up with my friend Debbie in the Blue Mountains and she proceeded to bestow me with presents. She made for me, with her scrap booking skills, a recipe stand, she knows how much I like cooking.

Debbie also used her talents to decorate a clock as well. I love them both they add such a splash of light and bright colours to my kitchen. Every time I look at them I think of Debbie. I really like how gifts can create a memory (whether it be good or bad). I still need to choose a photo to place in the little clock window, Debbie knows I love photo's too!

Now my next hand made present was a joint effort by a group of lovely ladies from church. We have grown to love and appreciate each other over the past few years and work together in our church callings. This is a gift that keeps on uplifting me and bringing me joy, tears and chokes me up every time I pick it up from my bedside table to ponder over. It is a little book, a pocket size book, that was put together by Stacy. She is a champion digiscrapper (digital scrapbooking). An idea went out, emails got sent around and Stacy pulled it together, I didn't have an inkling.

What's funny is I never knew how they felt about me until they presented me with this wonderful gift. Sure I knew that I had a connection with each of these beautiful girls, but I didn't realise how important these friends could be and how wonderful I felt when they wrote birthday wishes and thoughts for me in this little book.

Stacy compiled everyones letters together and waved her digiscrapping magic wand, added a few perfect touches and ribbons and the most genuine thoughts came alive.

I think every one should have one of these books made for them. In fact I think it should be compulsory. Who doesn't want to know what good things people see in them. It was quite a confidence booster, I felt very loved, very, very loved.

Stacy also whipped up these lunch box coupons which have been laminated. A fantastic idea, my boys love to feel special too, it puts a smile on their face in the middle of their school day...I like that.

You can find Stacy and her digiscrapping marvels over here.

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Stacy said...

You just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - just what I needed today. Thanks! So glad you LOVE your gift. You are right we all need something like that - but I am not making them all...LOL!!