Thursday, 19 November 2009

Junk mail and family heirlooms

Our letter box is getting jammed everyday with Christmas catalogues, I actually don't mind looking through some of them. Others get tossed straight in the recycling otherwise a mountain starts to pile up on the dining room table. Donald, Sam and Toby were looking at the toy catalogues the other day and Donald pointed out a cool lego star wars tie fighter. Toby piped up "Donald we're not supposed to tell Sam that we got him that for his birthday"...silence.....ooops! Sam: "I don't think you were supposed to say that Toby". Poor Tobs had been keeping quiet for a whole week and hadn't told Sam the surprise...just inadvertently.

I was looking at the David Jones gift catalogue and found this lovely icing set:

and then I went to the cupboard and got out this lovely icing set:

It was my grandmothers and we've been using it for years. It's what Donald started his cake decorating with.

We have graduated to a piping bag with some new nibs, but we often revert back to the older icing set, it just works so well.

I love old family heirlooms and I love that they last too! I couldn't tell you how old this icing set is.

I think I'll have to ask my mum.


Anonymous said...

That is so cool Lisha - same brand and everything!!!

Carli xx

Caroline said...

Oh I so so love your vintage one what a treasure. You are so lucky to have it. Sometimes I pay a fortune on ebay just to have a good vintage piece probaly more than I could buy a modern one for.
And still in the box so well kept gets me excited just to think. Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...