Thursday, 18 March 2010

The front porch

I sit, I sniffle, I watch the clouds drift by.  I hear the gentle whistle of the rainbow lorikeets as they drink the nectar from  the delicate, pink camelia flowers.

I snuffle a little more and crochet a few more rounds.

Toby has persuaded me to make him a warm hat, he loves them so.  He chose the wool, the most colourful wool and now I crochet him a wonky hat.

The slow cooker is full of minestrone cooking for me, the bread maker is baking for me. I sit, I sniffle with my cold and tired head, I doze off....

I am awakened by the constant buzzing on and off, on and off of a whipper snipper a few doors down.  It goes on and on disturbing my beautiful but brief slumber.  I wish it would stop...

It has stopped at last and I hear the birds once again and smell a waft of baking bread and a hint of minestrone.

I do love my front porch.


Kim said...

Great choice for hat colours Toby - love your colours too Lisha - Grandma Walker taught me to crochet - she was a master - and I think you should put the recipe for crockpot minestrone on Lisha Cooks. I plan tom ake your cheesy bread sticks to take to the park tomorrow.

Lisha said...

We've got one of Grandma Walker's fantastic zig zag Afghan's that she crochet for us, I am determined to crochet one, one day.

As for the minestrone, will try to put the recipe up, enthusiasm for cooking has dwindled a lot lately, but the minestrone was a great idea. It sat there bubbling away all day.