Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday afternoon treat

It's been another hot day, I don't know where Autumn has gone to, it's supposed to be here, it's supposed to be cool and snuggly.  Sam is off to camp for the first time in the morning, so we had a special afternoon treat, iced chocolates and white/dark chocolate chip cookies.  The cookies are for Sam to take away, but we had to have some fresh from the oven. 

I just wanted him to remember that home is the best place to be, camp is fun but home is best.

Conniving aren't I?  Either that or I'm trying to make him sick so he doesn't have to go on camp.  I've been missing my Ethan and Donald this weekend.

They come home tomorrow night, so it won't be a full house until Wednesday night when Sam comes home.  

For the cookie recipe go here, I just used my jam drop recipe and added lots of white and dark chopped chocolate.


Kim said...

Love Toby sucking up the spill with a straw.

Also - I have a good chocolate chip cookie recipe you might like - it makes about 100 in a batch but they freeze well - not that I ever do.

It's also dead easy.

Here it is:
1 can condensed milk
500gm soft butter
1.25 cups brown sugar

Cream really well than add 5 cups SR flour, beat then add 1 packet each of milk, white and dark choc chips.

Roll in balls and press a fork in then bake till just cooked.

When I beat them in the bosch I get 120 or more but with a normal mixer it runs about 100.


Lisha said...

Oooh thanks Kim, will have to try that one, they sound very soft and yummy.

Anonymous said...

The cookie mixture looks yum! The picture of the spilt milkshake is so funny!

Toby must have liked that. We hope he cleaned up afterwards!

From 3S