Monday, 29 March 2010

Off and away

Another early start, bags packed, excitement rising, Toby's torch at the ready.

Sam's going to have so much fun, they have so much to see and do in Canberra.

The War Memorial, National Museum, Portrait Gallery, Parliament House, Questacon and lots more in between and at night.

They are going to be so tired when they come home.  I wish I was going, there's still a lot I haven't seen in Canberra.....and because I love exploring with my boys.

I think I did very well this morning only a few slight tears in the car before we left.

I was very brave, all smiles, lots of blow kisses and signing "I love you" back and forth.  I like my Sam, I like him a lot.  The house feels very empty now.  Just me and Tobs.

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