Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Grand Final

Ethan's indoor soccer team made it to the Grand Final on Tuesday.  They beat the lead team in the semi final a couple of weeks ago which put them straight into the grand final.  That semi-final game was a cracker, I have never felt more stressed in watching a game than I did watching that one.

For the grand final they played the same team and it was a very close game with both sides very evenly matched.  Ethan did magnificently in the goals for the first half, unfortunately the other team managed to slip a goal in, but that was the only one with the final score 1:0.

Even though our boys didn't win I think we all felt like winners and still were awarded with a 'runners up' trophy.  They so deserved it.

Indoor soccer season over....outdoor soccer season begins!!


Suzi said...

Totally the wrong way around! Winter = INDOORS!

Debbie said...

so fun!!!