Friday, 5 March 2010

With a clunk and and a thunk

It is a quiet day today, the rain is trying hard to fall but the clouds seem reluctant to let go.  I hear the clunk, thunk, blop...blop...blop as the pecan nuts are shaken off the tree next door and land on our garage roof and roll off.  

The cockatoo's are gathering en mass, it seems to be the meeting, eating tree at the moment.  

The cockatoo's glide in, grab onto a branch and hang upside down as they reach for the nuts to crush them in their beaks.  Lifting their heads up occasionally with a beak full of nut clusters.

They are funny to watch, as I sit with my little soccer happy companion, with peanut butter smudges, who wants to take photo's too,

As we sit together he with his sniffles and I with my wonky ears, and watch the rain drip and cockatoo's fly off,

With a clunk, thunk, blop...blop...blop.......squawk!!

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