Thursday, 4 November 2010

Weekend family fun

Thursday has once again come around and I haven't even done a blog post for the week.  It has been a fun, busy week with my Aunt Desley staying with us from Melbourne.  Desley felt she might receive a little more attention up here than John would provide during the Melbourne cup week, he is such a lover of the races.

Our weekend was full of activity.  I took the boys and Desley to visit my cousin Kerri over at Manly.  My Aunt Lynne and Uncle Mel were staying with Kerri, they were down from Brisbane, and so we enjoyed a lovely family lunch.  A very rare occasion when your family live so far away.  So we jumped at the opportunity of a visit.

My boys had fun playing with Ashley who has the most delicious cheeks and curly blonde hair.  I think they secretly loved playing with little boys toys too.

It was lovely to get together with the family, have a laugh and a chat and enjoy the atmosphere of Kerri and Mitchell's newly renovated house.

I think Ashley would fit in quite nicely as the fourth Walker boy.

So after our lovely lunch at Manly, we returned home to get dressed up for our churches Halloween trunk and treat activity, where Donald was putting the finishing touches on some helmets for the boys.  More on that a little later.

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