Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A glimpse into 2011

 It was Toby's Kindergarten orientation day today.  He met his buddy and got to hang out with all of the other new Kindy kids in the class room for the morning.  Toby looked fantastic and certainly felt the part of being a big school kid.

I think I did alright today, no tears, I mean it wasn't like he was starting for real today, I've still got a little time to prepare myself for the big day next year.  Orientation days are really there to prepare the parents not the kids.

This afternoon when all the boys were home from school Donald decided to share some of his lolly stash (he says it's for work research purposes) these were Wonka's Shockers.  I've never tasted them but by the looks you can probably guess what they were like....

....and they thought they were just getting some treats.  What mean parents are we giving them sour lollies AND taking photo's while they ate them, they did go for a second one so it can't have been too bad.


Carli said...

very mean! look at toby's face!

Mitch Squires said...

It was great to see Toby dressed up in his school uniform playing handball with his big brother at school today. Very cute!