Friday, 12 November 2010

A visit

My mum is in town again, she arrived yesterday.  After sorting through our mountain of laundry this morning and jamming the folded clothes in the boys dresser draws we went out for lunch.  It was a very hot day today, 32°C (90°F) so we went to my favourite plant nursery which has a lovely cafe by a pond, sadly we didn't get a table next to it at least we were near some water fountains which was a little cooling.  After lunch we had a little wander around the grounds and the nursery.

They have some ginormous carp swimming in the pond which could probably gobble up a small child in one mouthful.  Although Toby was more worried about the goose that might peck his toes.

It was reasonably pleasant under the leafy willow tree, but very, very hot in the sun.  Lots of lovely flowers on display.  

Unfortunately the hot weather doesn't make me want to get out in the garden to plant things, it just makes me want to hibernate inside in the cool, I'm not quite ready for Summer yet.  We did buy a few plants to pot up for my shady front porch and a couple of Christmasy things that caught my eye.

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