Wednesday, 17 November 2010


...of my eldest

for his origami talent...

..and his ability to just being himself.

We are so proud of you Sam and love you just the way you are.


Caroline said...

Good on you Sam & congratulations for your leadership role. You must have shown outstanding leadership, honesty, commitment and friendship to have been chosen for such a responsible position. These ae skills that will be valuable to you your whole life. I know your Mum's proud of you but another Mum is proud of you to-ME!!
Good work!!

Lisha said...

Thanks Caroline

from Sam

Mitch Squires said...

Congratulations Sam! Well deserved. You will be and excellent school leader next year.

Lisha said...

Thank you Mr Squires.

From Sam

Carli said...

wow, that's amazing Sam! Both accomplishments would have taken much determination and perseverance.