Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Just when I thought 'Time was Marching by' so quickly, here I find myself in April already and the school holidays start at the end of the week.  The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur.  My blogging and photography has been rather neglected, I won't even mention the last time I posted a recipe on "What's for dinner Mum?". 

Having a new puppy in the house is kind of like having a new baby.  You have to baby proof your house, provide safe areas for the puppy to play, feed and rest in (and poop).  I must say though a puppy is a lot easier than a baby.  Amelia has fit into our lives beautifully and everyday she learns and adjusts more to our routines and we with hers.

Our first weekend with Amelia saw us visiting the vet, as new puppy owners we discovered our yard is full of ticks and therefore Amelia became the tick carrier.  The boys had tick bites, so did Amelia.  I seem to have been bitten the worst though and seem to be reacting to the tick bites.  They are so irritating and hurt when they bite (or dig in).  

So my last few weeks have been spent trying to eradicate ticks from the yard, the dog, the kids and myself.  They are such tiny ticks, in the nymph stage, that they are very hard to tweezer off your skin.  Donald had the boys microscope out initially, checking to see what they were because they were so tiny.

This last Saturday was spent driving around to soccer games, yes the soccer season has begun, and Amelia had a busy day trying to get a pat from everyone she met.  The morning was bright and sunny and the boys were full of enthusiasm for their first games.

In between games I visited the doctor, had to get a blood test done and then Amelia had puppy school.  A very busy Saturday.  All the while I was feeling a little under the weather with an achy body due to a reaction to tick bites.  The doctor put me on antibiotics and Sunday I started reacting to the antibiotics with a red rash all over me.  Another trip to the doctors on Monday confirmed the need to get off the antibiotics. I'm allergic to a couple of different antibiotics.

So here I am today, the tick bites have settled and we're hopefully tick free.  I sit here with Amelia, my little lap warmer keeping me company.  However my feet, wrists and fingers are very swollen and I have a stiff neck and knees, I'm feeling like a very, very old granny with arthritis today.  My blood tests have shown I have a virus.  My poor body has had so much going on with it lately it's starting to feel old again.  Ethan even wished he had my aches and pains so I didn't have to have them, bless his beautful heart,  I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

The holidays are nearly here and we are all looking forward to a break, hopefully I'll be able to do a little more blogging and get back to being healthy again.

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Stacy said...

Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Get plenty of rest and enjoy that cute puppy (minus the ticks). The holidays seem to have come at the perfect time! Miss you! xoxo