Friday, 8 April 2011

The Holidays are here!!

It's Friday afternoon, the boys are into Nintendo already, I have my lap warmer across legs and Donald is making pizza's.  I am happy, I'm still in pain with swollen fingers, wrists and throbbing head, but I am happy.  The holidays are here, so is Autumn, and we have just over two and a half weeks of no school.

Yesterday was Toby's first Easter picnic at school. 

He got to enjoy an extra long morning tea of yummy treats with his class mates.  

I think the girls in his class really like Toby, they are always sitting with him.

Then I had to toddle off to the doctors again and another blood test.  Still trying to figure out what's going on.

Today Sam and Ethan competed in their school cross country carnival, racing in their year groups.

It was fun watching the kindy kids cheering as runners went past them.  Mostly the kids would walk the last bit, it was a long cross country, but once they went past the cheering kindy kids they picked up their pace and ran to the finish line.

They all enjoyed a sausage sizzle for lunch afterwards.

It was such a lovely day, cool but sunny, I even managed to capture a few flower photo's on my walk home, along with some Autumn leaves that are just showing.


Debbie said...

Stunning photos, as always! Lovely to see that the boys had a fantastic last day of term 1 & great to hear that you are feeling happy despite the discomfort! Enjoy your break from routine these school holidays - we have to wait another week & a bit yet!
Love to all.xxxxxx

Carli said...

it's your time of year - enjoy these indigo days with your boys :)

Kim said...

Hi Lisha - Tom said you are coming to the wedding - that's absolutely wonderful! Are you coming to the sealing - there's room for you if you would like to and Jesse and Peet will be outside with Louisa and Max if the boys want to stay with them. It will be so nice to see you.
Love Kim

Kim said...

How good is it to have finally reached the holidays! Love the look on Sam's face while he is running.