Friday, 29 April 2011

Queen Victoria Markets

Saturday morning we visited the Queen Victoria markets in Melbourne. Donald and I haven't been here since we lived in Melbourne in 1997, we remember buying a big box of navel oranges that were so sweet and lasted forever.   I think Donald had a few places in mind to visit at the markets this morning. The boys were amazed by the many aisles of fresh produce, the smells of cooking food and the calls of the stall owners selling their wares.

Our main purpose in visiting the Queen Victoria Markets was to satisfy Donald's appetite.  Yes, his main agenda was food.  Apart from admiring the wonderfully laid out boxes of fruit and vegetables and various other stalls, Donald's first stop was the doughnut van. 

Here they freshly make the doughnuts, popping them from the the dough cutter onto trays to rise and then stuff with jam.

They were so fresh, warm and sugary, Donald wasn't prepared to share first!

I have not seen him smile like this in a while.

Then it was on to the food hall where Donald had his nose to the ground in the search for another of his hearts (or stomachs) desires.......Polish sausage.

I found some lovely French Brie cheese, a huge container of fresh pesto and a long baguette as well as some fresh strawberries, grapes and mandarins.  Seeing Gabby and Neil's yummy French cuisine whilst cycling France put me in the mood for a little myself.

After munching on fresh doughnuts at the markets, we took our goodies home and ate our market lunch....... it was absolutely scrumptious!!  If only we had lashings of ginger beer to go with it!!


Suzi said...

Oh the FOOOOOOOOOD!!! I can't watch!

Out Back said...

We were at the same markets a couple of weeks ago, sitting on the same green bench, eating the same jam donuts...YUM!

A lovely group of photos, they tell the story so well.


Lisha said...

It's a small world Tania, a small world!! They were the best doughnuts and I'm not much of a doughnut person.

Kim said...

We went there too - the day the before the wedding - the cheese just about did me in - I am so glad we don't have anything comparable here - it would kill my budget and what is left of my waistline.

Neil and Gabby said...

I remember frequenting the Prahran markets - and my favourite stall was the Mushroom Man !