Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Good Friday Wedding

We had a brief stop in Myrtleford Thursday night, it was so pretty with Autumn colours everywhere and the early morning mist.

We arrived in Melbourne at my Aunt Desley's by 1pm. We were invited to celebrate the marriage of Tom (Donald's cousin's son) and Kathleen.  For some reason I thought it started at 4pm and wasn't in any hurry until Donald pointed out that we needed to be at the chapel at 2pm.  It was a mad rush to get the three boys, ourselves ready and to find some wrapping paper to wrap the wedding present in (thanks Desley) but we managed it all and arrived with 15 minutes to spare. 

We spent a lovely afternoon with Donald's family, eating, dancing with my boys and catching up with Kim (Tom's mum) and the Fulcher family.  Sam, Ethan and Toby had a blast eating and collecting diamonds.  The dining tables were decorated with little silver hearts and diamonds.  They went from table to table "collecting" diamonds until their pockets were full and they felt very rich.

I felt very rich myself, spending time with my favourite Autumn colours, time with family, seeing the look of love in Tom and Kathleen's eyes and the pride in their parents faces, a truly beautiful day.

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Kim said...

Can't tell you nice it was for us to have you there.