Saturday, 16 February 2008

Funky Flowers

We have a lovely  tree in our back yard beside our cubby house, and climbing in the shade of the branches is this vine.  The vine grows these funky flowers and to look at they are just.......perfect.  Every little stem has a perfect little star shaped flower.  They never seem to look bruised or battered by the wind.  

The funny thing is they grow upside down and they flower many times throughout the year.  When the flowers are forming they look like little wax replicas before they get the dark colour in the centre of the little blossom.  I love the soft pink colour and their perfect little shapes.

I also found this unusual spider sitting on the thick leaves of this vine.


Kim said...

Does this vine have a name? I am always on the lookout for yet another plant I can buy, plant and fairly quickly kill - and that's a beautiful flower.

Stacy said...

What awesome pictures. I have to agree those are perfect, beautiful flowers.

Lisha said...

My mum with a green thumb tells me that this flower is called a Hoya.