Saturday, 7 April 2012

Catch yourself

Tuesday I packed my crochet bag, my camera and new zoom lens in the car before taking my mum to the airport after her three week stay with us.  I had plans to go and have some quiet time at Centennial Parklands before meeting up with Donald for lunch.  After waving my mum goodbye I drove around the parklands to find the perfect spot to sit.  I laid down my blanket and attached my zoom lens and started observing the bird life and anything else that caught my eye.  It was a very peaceful way to pass the time.

Then I picked up my crochet hook and continued on with my blanket that I started when my mum was in hospital last year.  It's almost getting there, still a few more rows to go and then I'm going to give it a border to finish it off.  Here I am sitting under the Liquid Amber tree crocheting for my self portrait for the week.

And here is my blanket so far, it's quite a random mix but I think I would like to put some more green in there.  It's been such an easy project, something I can just pick up anytime and I don't have to think about it much.  I can't wait for some more cooler weather to be able to snuggle under it when it's finished.

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Tania @ Out Back said...

Lovely peaceful post Lisha, and gorgeous photos :)

I must learn to use our camera properly...

...melody... said...

This sounds like a lovely way to spend some time! Great photos of the birds...I particularly liked the 5th and 6th shot. Your self-portrait is lovely as well and the blanket is gorgeous! Love the colors! :)

Kris said...

Your blanket is beautiful! I love the colors. I need to refresh my (very limited) crochet skills and make something lovely like that.