Saturday, 28 April 2012

A photo a day: Week 17

I feel a bit out of touch with the world, our phone and internet have been out of action all week.  Give or take a few moments when the telephone actually worked for a quick call, it's kind of been good to be back to what it used to be like before internet times.  I had moments where I wasn't sure what to do, as I would normally sit down for a break in the day and have a scout around blogland or check emails.  I felt I missed something but I don't think I was missed.  I almost didn't bother taking photo's as I wasn't able to blog.  So here are my weeks ramblings and photo's.

April 22

I spent a bit of my Sunday crocheting my blanket and sleeping.   We all stayed home from church as Donald had twisted his ankle (first soccer game of the season) and needed to rest it and I still had a migraine throbbing away.  So we listened to the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference.

April 23

I am blessed with thoughtful friends who look out for me when I've been under the weather.   Tina popped over with some goodies for the boys (to keep them out of my hair) and the lovely Laura came and visited us today as well, with her gorgeous little man, and brought around dinner for us and some chocolate treats too.  How lucky am I not having to make dinner tonight and we get to enjoy someone else's good cooking.

April 24

 RIP Boba Fett.  Amelia got to him.

April 25

ANZAC Day holiday.  The boys got out the bikes and rode around the street.  Ethan and Toby did a bike swap which is why the bike Ethan is on looks a little small.

April 26

Autumn is so beautiful at the moment.  The sun is shining and the leaves are so colourful and I have fallen in love all over again with Autumn and have been going for lots of walks.  I've found a new way to capture leaves in a fun and easy way.  I've become an Instagram addict using my iPod camera.  I don't have an iPhone so I'm not sure what the quality difference is between them but it's so much easier to carry around an iPod than my big camera and it has some instant filters to enhance the photo's. 

April 27

I have been taking as many photo's of Autumn leaves as possible on my walks.  Eleanor from Lady Proteus suggested that I use Instacanvas to display my photo's a day.  With that in mind I've been getting excited because I'd really like to get a canvas printed with my collection of Instagram Autumn leaves.  I'm sure it would be a little like my Autumn leaf quilt that Joan made for me.

April 28

I got to watch Sam's soccer game today, it was a tight game and the outcome 2 all.

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