Monday, 9 April 2012

A photo a day: Week 14

April 1 (really March 31)

A lovely dinner out with the family Saturday night, I'm afraid I forgot to take a photo on April the 1st so I'm using this one.

April 2

The boys writing on the fence, aren't the balloons sweet, until you see the letter P at the beginning and piece the letters together, not so sweet, but funny.

April 3

My mum went back home from her three week holiday with us :+(

April 4

 Roses from my husband because I had one of those deep and dark emotional days.

April 5

Our nature table with a collection of finds.  Pine cones, feathers, rocks, a stick, most are Toby's finds.  Those orange peanut M&M's came off an M&M tree, I so wish I had one of those in our back yard, but really they are the Magnolia seed pods found here.

April 6

Tourists for a day, our feet did lots of walking in the Botanical gardens in Sydney.

April 7

My sweet little girl has been bugged by tiny ticks again, so here she is warming in the sun after her bath . . . and just before I sprayed her with the dreaded flea and tick killer, she really hates that.

April 8

The Easter Bunny came.

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Kris said...

I always enjoy seeing your daily photos. Tess is sitting here next to me and pointing at your sweet dog photo and wildly shouting "doggie, doggie!" Thanks for making her day! :)