Saturday, 14 April 2012

A photo a day: Week 15

April 9

Easter Monday, it was a quiet day at home for us all, the weather was cooler so I spent a bit of time snuggled on the front porch with a blanket, Amelia and a new book.

April 10

A morning at the dog park playing cricket with the boys, another beautiful, sunny but chilly Autumn day.

April 11

A day in the city with my boys, buying books and drinking the best hot chocolates made with ganache.

April 12

My first pot roast for Autumn.  The weather has been cooler just right for slow cooker meals.

April 13

Guess where we went?  I'm sure a post will follow sometime this week to explain, too many photo's taken to sort through.

April 14

Ethan's first official game of soccer today, they played at Holy Cross College which is set up high on a hill with sweeping views of Sydney.  I saw the top of the sandstone building with the cross peeping above the trees.

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