Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday 2012

Well we ventured into the city today, the best place to be because everyone was at the Royal Easter Show, so the city was lovely and quiet.  The day was beautiful, sunny and clear so we became tourists for the day.  Our first stop was St Mary's Cathedral.  It was calm, quiet and very peaceful walking through with the boys so reverently with their hats in their hands.  I whispered the story of each stained glass window to Toby, stories of Jesus' life.  Afterwards he declared it to be the most beautiful church he'd ever been in.  The boys were full of questions about the carvings inside, the ornate brass railings and pulpit.  We whispered with awe at the sandstone magnificence as people knelt in prayer or sat in quiet contemplation.

We then wandered through the Botanical Gardens, as the Art Gallery that Donald had planned for us was closed.  It is amazing that in the middle of a bustling city beautiful trees and gardens emerge. Toby said he wanted to build a house in the gardens and why didn't anybody else build a house there.   I think he likes the space and green like me.  I think if I worked in the city every day I would find myself in the gardens at lunch time soaking up nature to get the noise and pollution of the city out of my system.  It was just lovely to have free time to ramble through the gardens and admire those little wonders that you find.

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Carli said...

Beautiful photos Lisha! And family too, this weather is gorgeous - now I know WHY this is your favourite time of the year xxx