Monday, 23 April 2012

The Royal Easter show

Yes I know Easter is over and so is the show here in Sydney but I'm still behind with my posts so I thought I'd get this one done in one big hit.  The boys are back to school tomorrow and it seems like ages since we went to the show.  I took so many photo's I just haven't spent much time sorting through them until now.  So here it is our day at the show.  It was the Friday after the Easter long weekend and it was a very sunny, warm day.

Don't we look so excited to go to the show?!  When do we get there? How much longer until the train comes?

Discovery of the old space invader machines (with the desire to buy one) was our first stop inside the show grounds.

Fairy Floss

I can't believe it but I survived a day at the show without being totally exhausted.  Thanks to Donald who spent a large part of the time with the boys on rides, choosing show bags and allowing me a few occasions to wander off on my own to visit the more peaceful, down to earth things the show has to offer, like the dogs, arts and craft displays, the food hall.   I even had treats the boys didn't know about, like hazelnut gelato, I bought my own show bags, the Arnott's biscuit bag and the Purina doggy bag, I was tempted by many other foodie bags but thought I'd save my pennies for something special.  So I indulged in a few blocks of goats milk soap, a few all natural, unscented and a few with Lemon myrtle essential oils and it smells so good.  

The wool spinning ladies

We all visited the livestock, it's not the show if you don't go and see the farm animals.  I feel so much more at home with the livestock aromas than I do in side show alley (that's if they even call it that anymore) with the noise of rides, screaming, people everywhere and smokers everywhere.

Visiting the poultry and livestock is compulsory, in fact it's the only real reason I go to the show.

Ringside entertainment by crazy bike riders, absolutely fun.

Donald King of the ride coupons

The boys on their first ride

Me on my only ride

The boys had a good time on the different rides, all survived without incident.  I think we all enjoyed the day in our own ways.

While the boys went on more rides I visited the produce displays and art and crafts

Waiting in the peace and quiet for the next activity

The final activity of the day for us, the State of Origin Rodeo:  Qld vs NSW

I know my photo's are a bit blurry, I'm still practicing with my zoom lens, I just need to work out a few adjustments for light and motion.  Although I think some of these photo's are kind of effective with their blurs of motion. I love watching the horses working.  I used to think the stars of the rodeo were the pick up boys on their horses (the guys on horses that pick up the crazy bronco or bull riders when they come off) in fact I think I still do.  It gives my heart a little flutter seeing them at work.  An old romantic notion of mine from back in my days as a governess/jillaroo.


Ariana said...

Hi there, I'm stopping over from Sarah's self portrait link up.I love your pictures of the chicks, the mama sow and her piglets, and especially the ladies spinning wool! It looks like it was such a fun and educational day!

Suzi said...

I'm looking forward to see how the soap goes :o) is it local-ish?