Monday, 9 February 2009

Bread maker bread maker make me some bread

I have inherited a bread maker and a 10kg bag of bread mix.  I have wanted one for a while but figured we didn't have room for any bulky appliances as our kitchen is so small and we have no storage.  I found a place to keep it though, around the corner on my food storage (book case) shelf in the hall way.

I have basically been baking bread for the last three days and I feel like Wonder woman.  I guess most of you out there have bread makers so the novelty has probably worn off.  I have only baked bread the old fashioned way once before, Cheesy bread sticks, which was delicious but making my own loaves of bread everyday is fantastically easy.

The boys were so excited they kept lifting the lid on the bread maker to have a look, so our first loaf rose right to the top and then deflated a little, but it was still delicious.  Our second loaf I baked in the oven and came out perfect.  Sam and Ethan think I should sell this free bread I'm making.  My third loaf is still cooking and is smelling so good that my stomach is growling.


Stacy said...

You gonna make me some? Just kidding.

My mom used to make all of our bread growing up. I love it right out of the oven with homemade raspberry jam on it. Delicious!!!

Congrats on getting a bread maker - I had to leave mine behind and miss it terribly.

Suzi P said...

You mean it works?!?!

Carli said...

Lucky girl Lisha - it looks like you've already perfected the art!! YUM! Lucky family of yours.

Deso said...

Hey Lisha, take a tip from me. If you eat it the way I used to you'll end up looking more like an Amazon than Wonder Woman! I've had to put my bread-maker right to the back of the pantry.