Wednesday, 11 February 2009

What kind of fruit are you?

I think some fruits have personality to match those who eat them

Rather well rounded and voluptuous 
Luscious and sweet
Blushes when ripe
Tends to bruise easily
Handle gently
Prefers a cooler climate
Rots in the heat
You are what you eat
I'm a pear
What kind of fruit are you?


Anonymous said...

I'm a lychee - can be a bit difficult to get to but once past the tough skin I'm refreshing and more-ish without being overly sweet !

Lisha said...

No truer words were said sister.

That Girl in Brazil said...

I think I'm a peach. Sweet yet juicy, apparently soft and fuzzy ...

But I can be a real pit.

(love your blog!)

Donald said...

Is there a grubby messy fruit?

Maybe a peach, furry on the outside and mushy on the inside with a hard wrinkly nut in the center!