Thursday, 12 February 2009

Dig deep

The boys school is holding a fundraiser today for the bushfire appeal.  I'm so proud of my boys donating some of their money box savings.  Even Toby who couldn't comprehend the loss that people have gone through wants to donate.  

Don't forget you can help by donating blood to the red cross or money to the Australian Red Cross bushfire appeal.

Coles is donating their proceeds to the Victorian Bushfire appeal this Friday.  So if you don't have much to donate just go and do your grocery shopping at Coles on Friday and spend your money and let Coles donate for you.

I am moved to tears constantly by the horrors that these people have faced and the loved ones and possessions they have lost, but I know they will get help.  On the other hand I hope and pray that the animals that have lost their homes and that have been injured from the fires will find that help too. 

Wildlife Victoria have an appeal where you can donate money to assist in the recovery of the wildlife affected by the bushfires go here.  

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