Monday, 2 February 2009

Going along just swimmingly

Swimming lessons have started for this brave little man.  Toby has spent his entire life watching his big brothers go to swimming lessons and now it's his turn. 

He was a little scared in case there were lots of people and it was noisy as it usually is for Sam and Ethan's lessons.  


There were only three of them plus the teacher in the whole pool so Toby was eager to get into the water and do what ever his lovely teacher asked him to do and he did it with a smile.

Sam had his swimming carnival today and he bravely swam in the 50 metre freestyle race which he has never done before.  I didn't get to see it,  I was with Toby at his first swimming lesson.  I was still proud of Sam for attempting something he's never done before and finishing the race.  He has such determination.

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