Thursday, 26 February 2009

Canberra trip - day 2

Our main purpose for visiting Canberra was to visit the Australian War Memorial. I hadn't been there since my year 7 Snowy Mountains/Canberra trip back in 19somethingorother.  It is an amazing place full of Australian military history, memories and days gone by.  We spent 5 hours there.  Not only is it a war memorial but it has a huge museum inside.  Donald and the boys were in heaven when we spotted the tank and the Amiens gun.

The boys had an incredible time watching, reading, learning and dressing up (me too).  I think my boys look good as peace keepers or how about nurse Lisha off to tend to the wounded soldiers.

My favourite parts of the war memorial were rather moving and beautiful.  The Roll of Honour and the specially placed poppies, the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier with tiled mosaics and stained glass windows, the sandstone walls and arches looking up to the Roll of Honour and the gargoyles sculpted out of sandstone of the Australian People and Animals.


Kim said...

Looks like a great trip - by all accounts the war memorial is moving and thought provoking.

Deso said...

Whilst we didn't get to dress up, we found it an amazing place also. Parts were closed for restoration when we visited,but it was very moving - especially the poppy wall.

Debbie said...

what an amazing trip...what a wonderful opportunity for the boys and a trip they will never foget!!!