Thursday, 5 February 2009

Someone was quietly excited

Something special was happening that day

Toby was starting pre-school

Like his brothers before him Toby was going to the same pre-school

We said our good byes, with only a slight tear in my eye 

and he without a backward glance continued to grow.


Kim said...

That's a lot of growing up for one week - for Toby and you!

Mari said...

how long did you stay peeking through the fence at him? :)

He looks right at home, but he probably is after going with you to take his brother there!

Debbie said...

what a special day!

Lisha said...

We only stayed peeking for a couple of minutes and then I thought Donald & I had better go just in case he saw us and came running to the gate after second thoughts of being left behind.

Suzi P said...

Heartbreaking! I'm feeling the pang!