Thursday, 1 April 2010

My boys

Among other things I wanted to share with you was Ethan's talk.  His class are learning about community groups they belong to and so had to write a talk to present to the class.  Now to make the classroom a little more exciting and special, Ethan's teacher has created a blog for their class.  It displays a little of the work they are doing, writing, artwork, even some science experiments and we as parents finally get to see a little inkling of what goes on in the class room.  Ethan's teacher Mr Squires is big on technology and the kids just love it.  I think it's a wonderful way that we as parents can interact, learn and feel a little part of their day.  The kids really love it when we leave comments about their work, a fantastic way to build up their esteem too.  So here is the link to the 3S Blog Dogs as they've called themselves....

....and to hear Ethan's talk click on the podcast below (thanks Mr Squires).

On another note the boys have been very busy for the past week.  Sam and Ethan ran in their school cross country race last Friday, which is why they are wearing green and holding up numbers (it is the place they came).  Ethan came 31st for the 7-9 age group, so lots of kids ran in that race and Sam came 10th for the 11year olds.  I only managed to see Sam's race as Toby's swimming lesson was on during Ethan's, but Sam ran a really good race even though it was a stinking hot day.

Saturday was an early one as we took Ethan and Donald to the airport, then Sam left early Monday morning for his first school camp.  Monday night Toby and I picked Ethan and Donald up at the airport and then last night Sam arrived home from camp.  Busy days, early mornings, late nights, everybody is a little tired, a little emotional and feeling a little misplaced, big boys and smaller ones.  But we're all home together again.  Hugs at the airport on Ethan and Donald's return and a rundown of their weekend, wedding and catching up with family.  It was wonderful that Ethan could spend some quality time with Donald in Brisbane.  

So last night Ethan, Toby and I were sitting in the car waiting for Sam's camp buses to arrive at school.  Excitement was building, parents were arriving, then the buses turned the corner and the shouts went out, parents came running from everywhere, it was one of the loveliest moments to experience.  The joy on everyone's faces to see their children arrive safely home was truly a beautiful moment and then to spot Sam on the bus lifted me even more.  The best hugs that brought tears to my eyes and melted my heart were the ones Ethan kept giving to Sam last night after camp.  How beautiful my boys are, Ethan said "It's been six days since I saw you Sam" (really it was five, but must have felt a long long time without his big brother and best friend).  Toby too gave Sam lots of hugs (secretly Toby had the best time without his brothers around and loved having me all to himself) but was very excited to have Sam home.  How wonderful to see my boys after their adventures.  We are so looking forward to a quiet relaxing Easter Holiday at home.


Anonymous said...

The internet is an amazing thing ! It was great to be able to listen to Ethan's school speech in my lounge room in Dublin.

Love the roar Ethan !

Congratulations both Sam and Ethan on your runs - Sam looks very hot in the photo.


Mitch Squires said...

Hi Lisha,

Thanks for the big plug of our class blog. I've been thrilled to see what the kids can produce to put on our blog and I'm glad to hear the wonderful feedback that they're enjoying it.

They're also enjoying your blog, we've had a look at it in class a few times now. The kids all love seeing how you and your boys are going and it gives us a lot of talking points about blogging in general, too.

Great to see such a proud mum, and deservedly so too. Your boys have done very well in the cross country and all that they are a part of.

Have a terrific Easter and enjoy the extra time with your kids.