Monday, 9 August 2010


I'm counting my little blessings today, I am thankful for...

Walking my boys to school

The warm sun and blue sky

The colours in the neigbourhood

Lavender blossoming in the garden

A delicious chicken soup brought by a good friend

Soft white tissues

My soft warm scarf and crocheted hat

A cosy new futon to sleep on

A soothing camomile and spearmint tea

Heaters to take off the chilly edge

My littlest one to share my day with

....once I get started it's hard to stop......those little blessings are the ones that keep you going.  It's amazing what a little walk in the garden can do for the body and the spirit.  Now I think it's time for some crochet.


Caroline said...

Well said!!

Kim said...

Every photo of Toby is gorgeous.