Friday, 20 August 2010

It's baking time again

It's Australia's big election day tomorrow, with the possibility of a new Prime Minister tomorrow night.  The boys school is trying to raise some money with a cake stall while people come and vote in their new school hall.  I'll be down there bright and early selling cakes.   So it's baking time again for me today.

A quiet day at home, a friend for Toby to play with and baking smells wafting through the house.  I've even reinvented an old family recipe Caramel White Chocolate Blondies, pop over to my cooking blog  "What's for dinner Mum?"  for the recipe.  You will also find my old favourite Jam Drop Cookies there too!

Lots of taste testing going on here today!!

We also have a Grand Final for soccer to go to tomorrow afternoon.  Little did I know last Saturday was not the last day for soccer.  Donald's team won their game last Saturday which put them in the Grand Final.  Wooohooo!!  So we'll be cheering him on at 1 pm.

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