Friday, 13 August 2010

A few things

I had fun with Ethan yesterday and this morning creating a collage for this weeks homework.  It is one of my favoured subjects.  The early settlement days of our local area.  I had taken pictures of old photo's of the area that we live in a little while ago and we used those in the collage.  Dirt roads, lots of bush, horse and cart days, "Oh how I wish I was there" days.  We collected some sticks, dirt, leaves and glued a little bit of history.  

Last night there was a quiet knock at the door and I found the lovely Laura with her arms full of goodies for me.  You see I've been wallowing a bit lately, with a sinus and throat infection (again) that is hard to shake off and my impending migraine within the next few days.  Laura has been checking in on me every few days to see how I'm faring.  What a beautiful woman she is, forever serving others and being a wonderful ray of sunshine.  Here is the little bit of sunshine she brought me last night.

So as I sip my honey and lemon tea and smell my beautiful roses I think of you Laura, whom I love, and I appreciate the big and little things and notes and the love that you share with me.  Someday I hope to be a good friend to you and be able to return some of your kindness.

They do smell beautiful!!

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